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Blake Collins - Your Love Is Good

The single by Blake Collins, ''Your Love Is Good'' is an excellent piece that exemplifies all characteristics of the artist which are a mix of alt-rock, the 60s rock, and a fair amount of The Beatles. Click here to give it a listen on Spotify. Scroll down to see the brand new Christmas single by Collins! Follow Blake Collins on Instagram: @blakecollinsmusic

The song starts with the melodic guitar playing two cycles. From the start, we get this rhythmic essence of "The Beatles." Then the smooth vocal enters the song. At the second progression, the piano joins in, enhancing the melodicity and harmony. Song has a vocal melody, and the instrumental melodies are only the degree progressions between chords. Throughout the song, drums are dynamically used for chord progressions and in between verses. Snare patterns are used to give the taste of 60s rock. Thematically, it is similar to Collins' previous single. Both implement this concept of combining indie with old tastes of Rock & Roll. While the themes of the songs ("She Gives You That Look" and "Your Love is Good") both project classic rock with this emphasis on a lover, the vocals and the use of guitar adds indie to the track. We find "Your Love is Good" very successful with Collins' aim to combine these genres and feels of retro.

Collins' new single "It's Christmas Time" has just been released. Check that out on Spotify, click here.

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