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Wallows - Do Not Wait - Lyrics Meaning and Analysis

Often labeled as a masterpiece by their fans, “Do Not Wait”, the closing track of Wallows’s debut album “Nothing Happens”, does an excellent job in delivering what feels like an ode to teenage mentality.

The song starts off very simple, with synth notes over Dylan Minette’s monologue on life. The lyrics show a sense of relatability without neglecting the actual sadness and depressing factor of things. Lines like “it gets worse before it gets better/ that’s one thing that I have come to know/ just so you know” shows a sense of advice without the overwhelming sensation that usually comes with advice. More and more sounds get added to the track as this monologue moves on, with a heartbeat-like sound that gets faster and faster as Minette repeats “Do not wait, I’ll be there”. Eventually, the first part of the song stops, climaxing after the sound becomes more and more intense, mimicking anxiety in a way.

The second part welcomes us with a riff that quickly turns into a guitar solo. We hear single lines from what’s almost an autobiographical story to Minette, always accompanied by back-vocals repeating the album title, “nothing happens”, indicating that the anxiety and the overwhelming thoughts that come with being a teen is actually very insignificant to later life and that all will be okay.

After almost a minute of the chorus-like “do not wait, I’ll be there”, the song comes to an end with the opening riff of “Only Friend”, the opener track of the album, making it a full cycle, if listened to back to back, which is again a nod to life.

Relatability, which is one of the strong suits of Nothing Happens, comes to life in Do Not Wait on a more personal level. Being one of the Wallows’ most emotionally packed songs, repetition and simplicity put the listener in a somewhat nostalgic state of mind, reminding them that nothing actually matters and all will be well even though it doesn’t seem so.

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